Newburyport Summer – A tribute to the heartbeat of Newburyport!

newburyportnight_2016August 30, 2016

“Every day you live here you’re going to feel like you’re on vacation.”

Those are the words that our realtor said to us the day we bought our house in Newburyport.  Many years later, those words still ring true.

As part of our ongoing summer blog, we’ve written about alternative lunchtime locales, exploring the waters, the cultural district, the history, The Tannery, craft beverage producers, volunteer opportunities, and talented photographers. If there were an equation for what a perfect town looks like, the accumulation of all those factors would score pretty high!

So what’s left?  What else can we possibly blog about? There is quite a bit, but here’s one aspect we’ve not yet discussed: the people who have poured their heart and souls into local businesses and organizations!

The people are what make this community special. Many business owners in town have quit their cushy corporate job to open a business and support a community they love. On the other hand, many locals have avoided Amazon and big box stores to support local businesses. It’s that symbiotic relationship that makes us proud to do our jobs. Nothing makes us happier than visiting local businesses owners and hearing about their successes. 

Thank you business owners and thank you local businesses supporters.  Without you, Newburyport would be much different!

Chris Johnston, Director of Membership Development
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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