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Valuable content is one of the most important components of your business marketing strategy. Without it, it’s very difficult to build an audience and stand out from the competition. But constantly feeding the content machine can be draining and exhausting. Here are 50 topics (and ideas) to help your business provide valuable information for your audience.

  1. Tell the story of your biggest challenge (personal or professional)
  2. Answer a customer service question on your blog
  3. Serve up buying tips for your product or service (such as How to Hire a Good CPA)
  4. Use a holiday to showcase someone important to you, on your staff, or in the community (think Veterans’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.)
  5. Write a customer spotlight about who they are and how you helped them (bonus points if they’ll write it as a guest blog)
  6. Highlight a team member’s story
  7. Talk about a charity you support and why
  8. Give an alternative use for one of your products
  9. List negative things that happen when you don’t use your service or product
  10. Share a video or images of your office and team
  11. Interview a team member about a big topic in your industry or your customers’ industry
  12. “Why we love _________ and you should too”
  13. “The worst advice I’ve ever been given”
  14.  “The best advice I never took”
  15. “10 things our competitors aren’t doing”
  16. “5 Misconceptions about our industry”
  17. “3 Misconceptions about our product or service”
  18. “5 Things I learned about this business from watching <insert your favorite show>”
  19. “Industry predictions for ______ years from now”
  20. Current trends
  21. “Best of the industry” (good review post in December)
  22. “5 things we wish people knew about our industry/product/service”
  23. “5 Tools you need to be using”
  24. “Why you shouldn’t be afraid to _____________”
  25. “Creative ways to get more <insert something your customers need>”
  26. “3 things that will change your mind about <insert the industry>”
  27. “Best _______ out there” (such as customer blog posts, industry information blogs, or something completely off topic but enjoyable like cat videos)
  28. “Business people who’ve inspired me”
  29. “My favorite business blogs”
  30. “Books I’ve read this year” (or those that had a profound effect on you)
  31. “Our hottest blog posts of this year” (great December topic or do one mid-way through)
  32. “Best free apps for productivity”
  33. “Who to follow” (customers, staffers, industry experts on various platforms. You could do a blog post for each of the major platforms.)
  34. Status of legislation affecting your industry
  35. “Advice for people who want to go into this business” (yours or one similar)
  36. “I did ______ for 30 days and this is what I learned” (Take a personal challenge and write about it)
  37. Share business resolutions
  38. Ask vendors or affiliates you work with for content/guest post
  39. Have a child interview you, asking his/her own questions
  40. Create a contest around your business (Betty Crocker holds recipe contests using their products, for instance. Post the top submissions. Bonus points if it involves cute kids. Parents will post everywhere and get their friends and family to like the posts.)
  41. Visit an image site like Flickr and let a picture inspire your next post
  42. “What my hobby taught me about business”
  43. Take an old blog post and add more information and update the old stats
  44. Write a step-by-step guide on something your audience needs to know
  45. Compare your product/service with that of your competitor (use info from their website)
  46. “Why buy from us”
  47. Create a list people will want to get involved in (this often works better on Facebook) such as a travel bucket list or favorite sports team
  48. “20 questions to ask to know you’re getting your moneys’ worth”
  49. Give your opinion on something you’ve read
  50. Recap a webinar, training, book, or other valuable resource you have attended or used. People appreciate the abbreviated knowledge.
Remember, the best way to use these blog topics is to customize them for the needs of your audience. Inspiration for blogs can be found everywhere and you needn’t be limited by words. Not feeling like writing today? Try a video blog post instead. See how it does against your written content. Periodically, take note of what your audience responds to and do more of it. These are just suggestions. You take it from here.

Christina R. Green teaches small businesses, chambers, and associations how to connect through content. Her articles have appeared in the Associations North (formerly Midwest Society of Association Executives’) Magazine, NTEN.org, AssociationTech, and Socialfish. She is a regular blogger at Frankjkenny.com and the Event Manager Blog.

She’s a bookish writer on a quest to bring great storytelling to organizations everywhere.

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