Not sure what a cash mob is?

cashmob_mar2017Have you ever taken part in a “flash mob?” I have and you do need a little dancing talent and ability as well as a little bit of guts! But you don’t need any talent, ability or guts to take part in a cash mob! So why not join the Chamber staff for a Cash Mob on Thursday, March 16th at 4pm! 

Not sure what a cash mob is? A cash mob is like a flash mob except there is no dancing involved! All you need is $20 and a willingness to help the Chamber stimulate the economy downtown and at the Tannery by spending $20 (or more) at a local small business - it can be to buy that special something, large or small that you have been looking at or grab a few friends and have a drink or something to eat.

Please meet us in Market Square at 4pm for a photo opp and we will head out from there!
Help us shop and dine local....support local....love local...be local! 

Cash Mob Thursday, March 16th at 4pm.

Ann Ormond, President
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Monday, March 20, 2017
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