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Buti Yoga at The Cure Studios

The Cure Studios was born out of a desire to break the mold from the usual fitness & yoga routine. At The Cure Studios, they explore fresh – but primal – types of movement that leave you feeling confident, sexy, and free! They’re dedicated to helping women reclaim power through movement & body acceptance.

Buti Yoga is quickly taking the nation by storm and has been deemed “your soulmate workout” because of its combination of dynamic yoga asana, deep abdominal toning, and cardio-intensive dance. Buti, and all of our other dance fitness classes, are driven by the beat of the music.

The founder of TCS, Samantha Migliozzi, has worked in yoga and women’s health for many years. Her mission is to bring awareness to the two very important things that have been lost in the fitness world: self-acceptance and sensuality. She is also dedicated to helping women heal their bodies, so that they may go out and bring change and healing to their own communities with confidence.

At the studio, TCS encourages women to step out of their comfort zone and to push themselves to grow – physically, spiritually, emotionally – in a safe and judgment-free space. Bonus: it’s crazy fun!

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