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Local HR Consultant Jill Santopietro Panall (Chamber member at 21Oak HR Consulting) reminds you that September 30th is the new deadline for hanging the required updated poster (attached) and informing your employees of the upcoming Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave and getting the required signed notification forms back (notices attached)! 

Effective October 1, 2019, businesses will begin deducting the paid medical leave deductions FROM EMPLOYEE PAYCHECKS and your employees need to be notified before that begins. Employers of more than 25 employees will also have to contribute a portion to the paid medical leave deductions, as well. The deductions begin in October 2019, in order to create a pool of funds for employees to pull from in case of their own personal medical leave needs (including maternity leaves) and also for taking care of family members in need of medical care. Those PAID LEAVES BEGIN JANUARY 2021 (for personal medical leave) and June 2021 (for family medical leave) and the Commonwealth of Mass is developing an agency to administer the leave funds to employees who request leaves. 

If you are in any way unclear about this new law or the deductions- or are hearing it here for this first time- please reach out to your company HR’s person, your payroll company, your employment lawyer or your outside HR Consultant for help ASAP! You must understand this as it will affect almost every company in the Commonwealth, regardless of size. Happy Labor Day!

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