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While farms bring fun all year long, what better time to visit than during harvest season? Whether you like to pick-your-own apples for a fresh apple pie, stock up on pumpkins, enjoy a tractor ride with the little ones, or just say hello to the farm animals, this is the season to explore our local farms and relish fall at the farm.

What’s in store this season at local member farms?

Cider Hill has a fall lineup fit for a king, from hard cider tastings and a farm-inspired food truck menu to fresh cider donuts and festive workshops. Check out their events through December and enjoy all that Cider Hill has to offer this fall.

Fun Fact: Do you know how many apples are in a bushel? A bushel basket holds about 125 medium apples! You could make 15 apple pies or 15 quarts of applesauce!

If you’re looking to host a farm-to-table feast and visit local farmstands to gather fresh ingredients, Colby Farm and Long Hill Farm & Orchard have seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats to highlight any dish! Take a stroll around their properties to visit farm animals and enjoy all the fall foliage on the farm.

Fun Fact:  Fall is full of vibrant bursts of color, but did you know that the red and purple leaves are produced by the sugar and sap trapped inside the leaves?

The Farm at Eastman’s Corner offers a playful twist to the season, allowing kids (and adults alike) to help with animal chores. The farm offers a kids’ farm every Saturday complete with games and education straight from the farmer himself! Pick up a pumpkin while you’re there and brainstorm carving ideas on the ride home!

Fun Fact: If you love pumpkin carving but dislike its short shelf life, you can add Vaseline or petroleum jelly along the cutline to keep the mold from growing for up to a week or two longer!

Happy Farming!

{Photo Courtesy of Kristine Bannon}

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