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The message below is posted on behalf of Fine Fettle, a new member of the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

We are so excited to join the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and be a part of the local business community! Fine Fettle is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary located at 116 Newburyport Turnpike (right on Route 1) in Rowley. Whether you are an experienced user or an absolute newbie, we are here for you. Fine Fettle carries products in a wide array of dosage forms (flower, pre-rolls, topicals/creams, tinctures, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and more) from the best cultivators and producers around Massachusetts. We offer consultative services for patients and customers, focused on each individual. We know people use marijuana for a plethora of reasons and we are here to help you find what is best for you. We offer online ordering, in-store interactive informational displays. We support local community services and act as a resource for all marijuana needs and concerns.

Our dispensary is built to give every customer a personalized experience based on need. Want to get in and out fast? We have ten registers to ensure efficiency getting in and out. Want personal? We have a safe and personal space for you to discuss your health needs in a one on one location. We take cash, debit, and CanPay, allowing easy payment options in an industry where payment can be difficult.

We are incredibly focused on customer service and patient care. We offer a reward program for both recreational and medical customers, allowing you to save on your purchases and spend less money. We offer patients the opportunity to speak with and engage our team to ensure that they receive the best care possible. We offer discounts to numerous groups including seniors, veterans, low-income patients, and others.

For many years, our team has been focused on patient health and wellness. We began looking at medical marijuana through the lens of both addiction and pharmacy. Our chairman sits on the board of the Root Center (formerly the Hartford Dispensary), Connecticut’s largest addiction center, serving over 6,000 patients per day. He began looking at research for medical marijuana and seeing the incredible health opportunities with this plant. We also started the Cannabis Innovation and Research Center (CIRC), to help get private funding for cannabis research, since it is federally illegal and universities cannot get public research dollars. The funded research spans across

Outside of Rowley, we cultivate outside and in greenhouses in Hinsdale, MA. We also operate two medical dispensaries in Connecticut and a processing laboratory in Rhode Island.  

For more information, visit Fine Fettle’s website or Facebook.

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