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Florence Williams and The Nature Fix

Your Brain in Nature: Why our Brains, Bodies Love the Outside
Author Florence Williams to Discuss The Nature Fix

Essex, MA – April 4, 2018 — The health benefits of a simple walk in nature inspired Beethoven’s music, Wordsworth’s poetry and even Tesla’s invention of an electric motor, writes Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix. The public is invited to hear Ms. Williams present her work in a program that will conclude Greenbelt’s popular 2018 Film & Lecture Series.

The award-winning author travelled from fragrant forest trails in Korea, to islands in Finland, to groves of eucalyptus in California for the ground-breaking study documented in her book.

The Nature Fix demonstrates even small amounts of exposure to nature can improve our creativity and enhance our mood, Williams says.

It was Florence Williams’ recent move to Washington, DC from the awe-inspiring natural landscape of Colorado, that helped her to not only realize but research the science behind nature’s effects on the brain in a talk co-sponsored by Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust, and the Appalachian Mountain Club on April 19. The free lecture will be held at the Pingree School Auditorium, 537 Highland Street, South Hamilton at 7pm.

In her research, Williams traveled with Iraqi vets suffering from PTSD on a river trip in Idaho, and to the West Virginia mountains where she discovered how being outside helps children with ADHD.

“I’m no tree hugger, but The Nature Fix made me want to run outside and embrace the nearest oak. Not for the tree’s sake but mine. Williams makes a compelling, and elegant, case that nature is not only beautiful but also good for us,” said New York Times best-selling author Eric Weiner.

After the lecture, Williams will answer questions and will autograph copies of her book that will be available for purchase.

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