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5 Really Good Reasons to keep Existing Furniture

When renovating your home here are 5 really good reasons to keep existing furniture and rethink your home’s interiors.

1) Because it’s old I should get rid of it.
Well that couldn’t be further from the truth, even if it’s not an antique you can make the table or chair work in another room or for another purpose. Often times you have only one way of thinking and using that particular piece(s); but we Interior Designers are trained to think outside the box for you! We keep you from making a costly mistakes and time by buying miscellaneous or wrong pieces. You may already have something existing we can use. We will help redirect you to spend wisely with intended priorities.

2) It’s not my style now so I can’t use it.
Your tastes change over time and you may have loved this chair or sofa and now you cannot see how to incorporate it into your new look. We at Worthington Interior Design are masters at getting you to fall back in love with these pieces you already own. New upholstery and perhaps refinishing can make these pieces look fabulous to work with your new style. For instance, a client had some wing chairs and said “they’re old and I want to get rid of them,” but we found the perfect fabric and they were magically transformed!

3) The color doesn’t work.
The color of your piece is the least of its problems. We have so many sources for fabrics and finishes that a new color fabric and trim, paint or stain and we can reinvent easily.

Often clients tell me these lamps I have are ugly and I need new. Well in fact this happened with a client while we were designing the interiors for her vacation home. So we took all her lamps and sourced new lampshades and brought them all back to her and she said, ‘those are not my lamps’, but in fact they were her lamps and we just tweaked them and they were like new!

4) My piece is an heirloom and comfortable buy I cannot see it working with my new renovation.
These are in fact 2 very good reasons to keep the piece! Again we can simply repair the sofa or chair, make the cushions like new and reupholster. Everything will be singing the same song in your new home. Many soft pieces like sofas and chairs need to have the springs retied and the wood connections re-glued but you must know that the older the piece the better it’s been made.

Sure the new furniture these days has a more modern appeal or just fresh and new but often it’s not made as well. Because nowadays pieces that are made as well are much more expensive!

5) I have this piece of furniture and I like it but I’m not sure how to use it.
Creating a new purpose for one of your existing pieces of furniture is part of what we do at Worthington Interior Design. We take great pride when we can reintroduce you to your pieces and possession. Be it a lamp or a side table or a large armoire. A Boston client purchased an Armoire for their home in Beacon Hill and she stored linens and towels. They moved to Back Bay and it became a European way to store her dishes. Then it made its way to another home and we repurposed for the flat screen TV. And now she decided to make it the bar!

Spring is all about renewing. If you’re in a quandary about how to incorporate your existing furniture set up an appointment with Worthington Interior Design and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Worthington Interior Design, Allied ASID

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