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Made in NBPT: Face/Food Natural Skincare & Spa – Nourishment from the Outside In

By Lexi Fontaine, Marketing Intern

Last week I visited Khaki Paquette in her Newburyport brick & mortar location which offers all natural, handcrafted skincare products & holistic services. Khaki’s Face/Food products are made right here in downtown Newburyport! For more information about Khaki and her locally made products, read the excerpt below and don’t forget to shop small.

When Khaki Paquette began her product line, Face Food, in early 2014, she saw a gap in the market for all-natural ingredients in skincare products on the East Coast.  After living in Seattle, Washington for several years, she felt enthralled to bring these holistic methods of skincare back east. She first started in a small studio on Pleasant Street by appointment only, and now has a full-service retail shop located at 8 Market Square in historic, downtown Newburyport.

Khaki is a licensed esthetician and has the know-how for all things good for the skin. Face/Food offers a full selection of skincare products as well as waxing, eyebrow tints, facials, and makeup consultations.

An important factor for Khaki is for people to realize that, “your skin is like a sponge, and if you wouldn’t eat it I wouldn’t necessarily put it on your face.” This is where the name Face/Food stems from. While health is her main priority, Khaki also wants people to understand that “everything is mindfully chosen for this store. The price points of my products are affordable for almost anyone who’s interested in using natural products.”

This may leave you wondering how Face/Food is made.  Face/Food is hand mixed, packaged, and labeled in small batches in the original studio space on Pleasant Street… “It’s almost like a kitchen setup; there is nothing factory-like about it at all.” There are only a handful of employees helping Khaki in the process of mixing and packaging her Face/Food line, and there are never any filler ingredients.

Even if Khaki expanded her line and saw exponential growth, she does plan on keeping everything local. Khaki loves being a member of the Greater Newburyport community since she first began selling her products at the Newburyport Farmer’s Market. She immediately felt “these are my people, I love this community!” People were quickly receptive to the product line and things only grew from there.

Khaki still has the same clients with her since the days of the Farmer’s Market. Face/Food is just one of the many shops that make Greater Newburyport unique, and being produced here is a feat that brings pride to the community as well. Thank you Face/Food and thank you Khaki for bringing your product and business to Newburyport!

To learn more about Face/Food and the products & services offered, visit

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