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Merrohawke Nature School's Upcoming Programs

Day by day, we are gaining a little more sunlight, and day by day Merrohawke is growing more and more excited to launch our 2019 program year!

February Vacation Week Program

Merrohawke invites youths aged 9+ to spend three days as a Grey Fox. This includes full days of nature awareness games, songs, wild craft, whittling with knifes, building fires, tracking, and other naturalist skills. You will utilize the forest’s resources to live among the land, learn to coal burn spoons, learn primitive friction fire to cook lunch every day, and build forts. The group will be scouting the full 30 acres of Four Rock along with the surrounding properties to get a farther knowledge of the land in Newbury. (And yes, they’re offering this in April, too!).

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