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Phoenix Room Policies

Welcome to The Phoenix Room, your premier event venue committed to providing a memorable and safe experience for all guests. As a responsible establishment, we have established this policy to ensure the smooth operation of events and to prioritize the well-being of our guests, staff, and the venue itself.

Please familiarize yourself with the following policies, which outline important guidelines regarding open flames and sparklers, our refund policy, approved decorations, compliance with local laws, safety and security measures, liability for damages, reservation changes and cancellations, as well as our right to cancel reservations under exceptional circumstances.

We kindly request all event organizers, vendors, and guests to adhere to these policies to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for everyone involved. By utilizing The Phoenix Room as your event venue, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the policies outlined below.

Please note that The Phoenix Room is not fully accessible for individuals who are unable to walk or require the assistance of an elevator. Our venue does not have an elevator or alternative means for individuals with mobility challenges to access the event space. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and encourage you to consider this aspect while planning your event.

Thank you for choosing The Phoenix Room for your special occasion. We look forward to providing you with a remarkable event experience while maintaining the highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction.

Open Flames and Sparklers:

For the safety and security of all guests and the venue itself, the use of open flames and sparklers is strictly prohibited within The Phoenix Room premises. This includes but is not limited to, candles, lanterns, fireworks, and any other item that produces an open flame or sparks. We prioritize the well-being of our guests and the prevention of fire hazards.

Alcohol Service:

For events where alcohol will be included, The Phoenix Room requires event organizers to provide a certificate of insurance and utilize our preferred bar service. This ensures compliance with legal requirements and responsible alcohol service practices.

Refund Policy:

The Phoenix Room understands that circumstances may change, leading to the need for event cancellations. However, we have established a refund policy to ensure fairness and smooth operations. Please note the following refund guidelines:

Cancellation requests made 30 days before the event date are eligible for a full refund, minus any non-refundable deposits or fees. Cancellation requests made after the specified cutoff date will not be eligible for a refund. Any refund request must be submitted in writing to the venue management and will be processed according to the terms mentioned above.


The Phoenix Room welcomes decorations that enhance the ambiance of events while maintaining the integrity of the venue. However, to preserve the quality of our facilities, we enforce the following guidelines for approved decorations:

  • Only decorations that can be affixed without causing damage to the walls, ceilings, or any other surface are permitted. Any damage caused will be subject to repair charges.
  • Decorations that involve drilling, nailing, taping, or any other invasive method are strictly prohibited.
  • Confetti, glitter, or any other small particle decorations that are difficult to clean up comprehensively are not permitted.
  • The use of approved adhesive hooks, removable tapes, or other non-damaging alternatives for hanging decorations is encouraged.
  • Any special requests for decorations or installations must be discussed with the venue management in advance for approval.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations:

All event organizers, vendors, and guests must comply with local laws, regulations, and permits relevant to the specific event. The Phoenix Room reserves the right to request proof of necessary permits and licenses, and failure to comply may result in event cancellation or denial of access to the venue.

Safety and Security:

The Phoenix Room prioritizes the safety and security of all guests and staff members. Therefore, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Obey all posted signs, instructions, and guidelines provided by venue staff.
  • Avoid behaviors that may endanger individuals or property within the venue premises.
  • Emergency exits and evacuation procedures must be respected and followed at all times.
  • The venue management holds the right to inspect and confiscate any item deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

Damages and Liability:

Event organizers are responsible for any damages caused to the venue, its furnishings, equipment, or any other property within the premises during the event. The Phoenix Room reserves the right to charge for repairs, replacements, or cleaning resulting from negligence or intentional misconduct.

Reservation Changes and Modifications:

Any changes or modifications to an event reservation, including but not limited to date, time, guest count, or other details, must be communicated in writing to the venue management. Availability for requested changes will be subject to prior reservations and feasibility.

Reservation Cancellation by The Phoenix Room:

The Phoenix Room reserves the right to cancel any event reservation in exceptional circumstances, including but not limited to unforeseen circumstances, safety concerns, non-compliance with policies, or violation of contractual agreements. In such cases, a full refund will be provided to the event organizer.

By utilizing The Phoenix Room as an event venue, event organizers, vendors, and guests acknowledge that they have read and understood the policies outlined above. Failure to comply with these policies may result in penalties, eviction, or denial of future access to the venue.

For any questions or clarifications regarding these policies, please contact the venue management.

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