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Pilates Chair by Moxxi

Dorianne Walkama has been teaching pilates for 18 years and is dedicated to helping people get fit, confident, and empowered. With her new invention, the Moxxi pilates chair, Dorianne has created an easy and affordable way to get fit at home for the modern everyday, busy-lifestyle.

Moxxi’s innovative patented combination of a spin seat with a split-pedal spring- based resistance chair is used for a full body intergrated workout that delivers incredible results in a shorter period of time. The Moxxi Pilates chair suits every fitness level from novice to the most experienced athlete.

The Pilates Chair is focused on building a strong, flexible and balanced body through the spin seat that unlocks in order to activate the core. Users also will experience longer, leaner muscles along with improved posture. Toning the body in less than 20 minutes has never been so easy. Sculpting the core, arms and legs in unison all while stretching and strengthening the entire body.

Not only does the product promise better, quicker results, but it also saves money. No more cumbersome equipment or expensive training, these workouts can be done at anytime with expert virtual instruction for personalized attention.

Visit her website at and for any questions contact Dorianne at


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