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By Nora Cronin, Marketing & Communications Intern

This week, I interviewed Sacha Fossa of Sacred Temple Arts. Below is the interview for the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce’s #PortPeople campaign, which is a weekly profile of members of the Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry!

Nora: What inspired you to open your practice?

Sacha: My practice was essentially inspired by my own healing journey, and my desire to help others navigate theirs, and to become their own best lover, and an erotic master, too.

Positive and accurate sex and relationship educations were completely missing from my life until I sought out and invested in them. I’ve had many experiences of sexual and relationship trauma and I have discovered alternative ways of healing from them.  On my healing journey, I realized there was a huge issue with spiritual and healing paths and modalities not addressing sexuality, sexual energy, and/or sexual healing. After researching this topic more, I discovered Tantra and how it can help improve people’s lives. 

I became an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, which involved my learning hands on sexual massage healing skills and practices. I teach clients how to do these for themselves, and how to do with partners. All practices are taught clothing on, and then clients are provided customized homeplay programs that contain all they need to do the sexual practices, and more, safely on their own.  

I focused my Master’s (in Health Arts & Sciences) dissertation on female sexual pleasure and healing through a modality called Sacred Spot Massage, because I experienced so many profound healing experiences with it. I also have certification in over 20 healing arts modalities that continue to inspire my personal healing journey. These are the ones I offer, hands-on, clothing on, therapeutically, in my practice.

Holistic Healing Arts & Therapies:

*Click on each of the healing modality titles to learn more about them!


Intuitive Bodywork & Energywork 

Access Consciousness™/Body Process™

Unlimited Body™

AromaTouch® Technique & Essential Oils For Intimacy

Gem & Flower Essence Therapy

Meditation & Breathwork 

Professional Cuddling

Intuitive Readings

Law of Attraction & Sex Magic


Nora: Where did the name Sacred Temple Arts come from?

Sacha: The name Sacred Temple Arts is actually a term for sensual and erotic arts used in the NeoTantra world.  This name came to me as a way of evolving the Sacred Temple Arts to include healing arts as well. The Sacred Temple is your body. Everything I teach is about embodying your sacredness, sexually and otherwise.

Nora: What sets Sacred Temple Arts apart?

Sacha: I offer sex, intimacy and relationship coaching, education and healing arts. Most practices only offer one of those, but I am trained in all three areas. I have many academic qualifications, as well as other professional trainings and certifications. Two I didn’t mention yet, are I am a Planned Parenthood certified sex educator, and most recently I became a licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™. I am a life-long learner and I continue to take courses and programs in my field regularly.

Services at Sacred Temple Arts are different in that sessions and programs, for your Best Sex & Love Life, are completely customized for you, and include this trinity of coaching, education and healing arts practices.

I also offer holistic modalities in separate sessions. In addressing the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually, and energetically, different techniques serve certain purposes. These healing arts and therapies sessions and practices can assist one in awakening and experiencing more of their bodies healing. These sessions provide relaxation, clearing of the energy bodies, and necessary rebooting. Each modality offers a unique healing opportunity to experience. 

At Sacred Temple Arts, I may also recommend, and may offer, specialty products to dramatically improve and enhance your sexual health, wellbeing, and intimacy. 

Recommended Products For:

(click on each for more information)





Wellness… including 

Essential Oils 

CBD Products 

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone

Nora: What about your line of work excites you the most?

Sacha: I really love guiding and contributing to my clients, and watching all the radical transformations and healing in their intimate lives, relationships, and more!

Sacred Temple Arts has helped clients, and can help you…

Determine what your best sex & love life looks like, and create an actionable plan to get there.

Increase sexual energy, passion, desire, connection and overall wellness.

Heal sexual issues, problems and challenges including:

addiction (to sex and/or porn), erectile dysfunction, painful sex, shame, guilt, confusion, trauma, abuse and negative beliefs effecting sexual connection, performance and orgasm.

Benefit from new intimacy and communication skills.

Heal from past heartache and relationships.

Actualize a happy life and partnership(s)

Understand the opposite sex, and how to get what you need from them.

Recover from affairs.

Discover and navigate alternative relationship paths.

Become transparent, be in integrity, and create deals that really work in your relationship(s).

Recover from body, self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

Become not just empowered sexually, but in your life.

Play more, in and out of the bedroom.

Become multi-orgasmic.

Get an advanced sex education.

Become the best lover you can be.

Learn Tantra through experience.

Connect to your innate wisdom and knowing.

Experience profound levels of pleasure in your life.

Empower your desires using sexual magic.

Balance both giving and receiving in your life and lovemaking.

Magnify your ability to make your deepest fantasies come true.

My business motto is “Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life” and I teach clients to prioritize pleasure in their lives. Pleasure should be at the top of the list, not the bottom. Life is meant to be pleasure filled. And so is your body. Having more pleasure daily, sexually and otherwise, leads to better health and wellbeing.

Nora: What brought you to Newburyport?

Sacha: I was actually born in Newburyport and I lived here until I was six. As a child, I was very lucky to spend my summers in Rockport (MA) and the rest of the year here in Newburyport. I lived most of my life in Rockport and I needed to make a change so I came back home to Newburyport! In the future, I’d love to have a home and office in both Newburyport and Rockport.

Nora: What is your favorite thing about being a business owner in Newburyport?

Sacha: The Chamber business culture in Newburyport is generally accepting and welcoming. There are lots of cool, young businesses and business owners that make being a business owner here fun and exciting! There is always an event going on, whether it’s one hosted by the Chamber, Newburyport YPP or another group.

Nora: Outside of work, do you have any favorite Newburyport spots or activities?

Sacha: I am a total nature lover and I commune deeply with Nature daily. I can walk out my door to Joppa, Hale Memorial Park, Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm, the Waterfront and more. Maudsley is another favorite of mine. I’m also a lover of all things sensual including delicious food! Newburyport has no lack of great dining options.

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