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Scott Dinsmore is the Vice President of Business Development for TeleMedicineGurus, a national telehealth organization founded in 2019 with the vision of making healthcare and behavioral health services accessible, affordable and convenient for everyone.

The concept of telehealth/telemedicine has been around a very long time.  An article published in 1879 (in a publication known as the “Lancet”) stated directly, “……..using the telephone to reduce unnecessary office visits.”  In Scott’s years as a sales and marketing professional with a  concentration on delivering ideas, launching concepts and state-of-the-art technology in to markets, telehealth, has risen to the surface as a burgeoning cottage industry. 

Healthcare research had predicted that by 2025, approximately 80% of our interactions with healthcare providers would be technologically based (i.e.  smart phones, video conferencing, etc.).  Enter stage left…….COVID19 in early 2020.  This disease and it’s spread has dramatically increased that timeline and research is pointing now to 2021 for obvious reasons.  If we can engage healthcare providers without having to leave home, not only for own safety but the safety of our family, then it only makes sense to engage using technology.  That is not to say this is a “cure all” as there will always be a need for an emergency room.  Simply put, accidents happen.  TeleMedicineGurus is here to provide ACCESS to a board certified physician and ACCESS to a behavioral health specialist, 24/7/365, without co-pays, deductibles or an insurance premium in an unlimited fashion and at your convenience.  Help is here!

Prior to 2020 and Scott’s foray into the healthcare field, he spent 15+ years as a sales and marketing executive in the automotive sector for companies such as and Agero (formerly known as Cross Country Automotive Services headquartered in Medford, MA).  He also founded a non-profit charity back in 2008 geared towards scholarships for Native Americans looking to continue their education beyond high school (The One Native Nation Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c)3).  Over the years, thousands of dollars have been gifted to some deserving Native American students across the country.

Having grown up in Western Massachusetts (Agawam), Scott moved to the eastern part of the state in 1998 for a job.  Since 2013, he calls Rowley home with his wife and 2 daughters (and 2 rescued dogs).  He has an active life with the kid’s activities, playing soccer, weight training, snowboarding and boating.  A couple of his favorites spots to “hang with the family and friends” are Sandy Point on Plum Island in the summer and Jay Peak in the winter.  Scott is also a Tribal Member/Tribal Spokesperson for the Strawberry Valley Band of Pakan’yani Maidu.  Scott’s Tribal roots are located in Northern California where his mother is from.  He continues to be actively involved in Tribal affairs on many levels both locally and on behalf of the Tribe in California. 

Some words that have carried some weight in Scott’s life……..”Do not stop watering the corn while you count on the clouds to bring rain.” ~ Chief Dan George, Coast Salish

Scott Dinsmore

Vice President, Business Development

PO Box 617

Rowley, MA 01969


O 617.417.2166

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