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Small Ship Cruising in Coastal Massachusetts

Some ports are best seen by small ship. Blount can take you to these 5 waterfront towns, for an optimal small ship cruising experience! Your 8-day cruise explores the history, legends and lore of Massachusetts. Visit mystical Salem known for its 17th century witch trials. Discover Newburyport, a coastal town with a rich maritime history before relaxing on Provincetown, an island known for its large artist community. The gingerbread cottages of Martha’s Vineyard welcome you to this celebrated island where presidents and stars vacation. Back in Boston, you might choose to explore the Freedom Trail or visit one of the city’s many museums.

1. Salem, MA
As the setting for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Salem boasts a mystic history sought out by travelers all over the world. Skip the summer traffic and get there by small ship. Dock with the locals before stepping back in time to the early days of the United States.

2. Newburyport, MA
A small, scenic, coastal town bustles with historic sights, mom and pop shops, beaches and museums. Our small ship pulls right up to the activity! Enjoy a one-of-a-kind perspective of a one-of-a-kind place.

3. Provincetown, MA
The northernmost tip of Cape Cod offers an artist community for everyone to enjoy. Pull up directly to the site of the Mayflower’s landing in 1620. Come for the history and stay for the lively cabaret’s, galleries, and specialty shops.

4. Plymouth, MA
Anchor up close and personal to the Mayflower II, which is often docked on the coast of Plymouth, MA. Only a small ship can cruise by Plymouth Rock, where settlers first stepped onto the New World.

5. Boston, MA
Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, although you may never know if you don’t get to experience it’s old world coastal charm. A small ship will take you there. Explore the harbors where the Boston Tea Party took place, and so many more historic, waterfront sites!

Cruise through these ports and more with Blount’s New England itineraries! The Massachusetts Sampler returns in 2019, you won’t want to miss it!

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