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Back-to-school season is officially in session! Parents and kids alike are adjusting to new schedules and new routines, and many may have a case of the summertime blues. Your business can keep the momentum going by offering back-to-school specials to make the transition easier. How can your business leverage this time of year to fuel profits, while offering the community ways to engage and save? Here are the top 10 ways to generate effective campaigns that will keep Newburyport buzzing with activity.

  1. Show how your product/service fits into people’s school lives: Are you a restaurant that can help make mealtimes easier, or are you a clothing boutique that can help with the back-to-school shopping list?
  2. Start a loyalty program: From a hair salon to a bakery, businesses that use loyalty programs increase customer retention and stay top of mind by encouraging repeat business.
  3. Stay on trend: Align your back-to-school marketing campaigns with what’s trending in your market, whether it be with tweens, high school students, college students or parents.
  4. Launch digital campaigns: Reach more people by launching a social media campaign, running digital advertising and optimizing your web presence.
  5. Build hype by offering giveaways: Generate excitement around a giveaway that gets the whole family involved. It builds awareness and anticipation, and it’s a great way to produce PR opportunities and obtain new contacts.
  6. Spread the word through influencers: Send your back-to-school promotion to mom groups, social influencers, and even local Chambers!
  7. Offer targeted campaigns: If you don’t have a back-to-school product to sell, businesses may consider offering discounts to educators, students, or parents to bring in new customers.
  8. Become a resource: Instead of pushing a product or service, become a market resource. A real estate agent may offer ways to increase curb appeal or a furniture store could offer tips on how to decorate a large space.
  9. Host an event: Get customers out and about and into your store by creating an experiential marketing event that ignites opportunity for engagement and immerses customers into your brand.
  10. Cross promote: Package back-to-school specials with neighboring or complementary businesses to encourage cross-promotion and heighten customer experience. 

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