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Untapped History is Thrilled to Join Revolution 250

Untapped History is thrilled to announce that it has joined Revolution 250 (  Led by the Massachusetts Historical Society, Revolution 250 is composed of over thirty government agencies, non profit groups and local businesses dedicated to the promotion of the legacy of the American Revolution.


Starting in 2018, Revolution 250 plans to commemorate the 250th anniversaries of the events that led to the outbreak of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. These anniversaries will be used to engage the public and garner appreciation for the pivotal role Massachusetts played at the beginning of the American Revolution.


Through our affiliation with Revolution 250, Untapped History will design and sponsor  interpretive and educational programs that highlight Newburyport’s vital role in the War for Independence.  From the town’s response to the Townshend Acts to the wartime efforts of its privateer fleet, Newburyport has an important story to tell.


We are proud and honored that we have the opportunity to share Newburyport’s rich history with the public at large.


Eric Getz and Alex Cain


Untapped History



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