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Greater Newburyport - A Destination for Recreation & Tours

Roll into Greater Newburyport and hit our hiking and biking trails. Go birding, boating, fishing, kayaking, or surfing. Or, just let the sun roll all over you.

With abundant waterways, parks, beaches and other natural resources throughout Greater Newburyport MA and Plum Island area, it’s no wonder many of our most exciting activity choices for couples and families take place outdoors. However, if you prefer to play indoors, we’ve got that covered too! For starters, you can take a dance or yoga class, tour a Newburyport area brewery, or try indoor rock climbing!

There’re so many things to do in Greater Newburyport you might have a tough time choosing. We’re uniquely positioned on the Merrimack River, near entry to the Atlantic ocean. This proximity to deep water and saltwater marshes allows substantial opportunities for soaking up the sun on a Plum Island beach, boating up and down the coast, whale watching, and fishing. Pull your boat up to our Newburyport public dock, choose from one of the Greater Newburyport marinas, or book passage on one of the many charter boats that operate from downtown Newburyport or Plum Island. You can also rent kayaks, surf boards, and paddle boards!

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